IR3 Key Storage Marshall Guitar Keychain Holder Wall Electric JCM800

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The JCM800 Standard Jack Rack Version 2.0 comes with a sleek upgraded finish, comprising of real amp materials, 4 Marshall guitar plug keychains, and 1 wall mounting kit with hardware. Makes a great addition to your home, office, recording studio, rehearsal space, or man cave!

Easy to install The Jack Rack comes with a hidden wall mounting bracket and hardware that makes installation a breeze. You'll have your keys hanging in under 5 minutes!

Authentic Guitar Plug Keychains

The Jack Rack comes with 4 guitar plug keychains, stylized with the iconic M logo. Not only is it great for hanging your keys with, but makes a statement and shows your love for music.

Includes everything you need to hang your keys like a rockstar

Remove the back mounting plate to access your 4 keychains, wall mounting kit, and instructions.

The package includes:

4 guitar plug keychains

1 wall mounting bracket

1 wall mounting hardware kit