How to See Through the Fog that Surrounds Your Life

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How to See Through the Fog that Surrounds Your Life

This article was inspired by Ar turo composer of Lighthouse, a powerful and inspirational work of art.

AR turo released his EP Lighthouse on November, 2020.

The concept album is composed of three songs: Fog, Surge, and Sun. The artist wanted to portray how human beings are constantly threatened by fog and storm surges while also giving us hope that the sun will always rise.  Fog and storm surges can be perceived as negative but they are temporary and necessary for growth.    

The first track on the album instantly captivates its listeners with Arturo’s beautiful piano melody combined with warming percussive elements. But what meaning can we extract from this track? And how can it be applied to our daily struggles?  

Before proceeding, put on your headphones and listen to this beautiful EP as you read the rest of this article.   

Lighthouse by Ar turo. Picture: Spotify/Ar Turo






Lighthouses are usually located in dangerous areas by the ocean and serve as a navigational aid for ships.  The greatest enemies of lighthouses as described by this album are fog and storm surges.

Fog has the power to distort light and reduce visibility making it more difficult for ships to navigate the stormy sea.  

Think about your own life experiences, sometimes we feel as if we are surrounded by fog and we cannot get our light to shine to its maximum potential.  Sometimes we feel stuck because our vision is unclear. 

Light is an essential tool to navigate the ocean of life but there are times when our light is distorted or shut down.  If your vision is foggy right now it is important to understand that fog is temporary.  Fog is not permanent and there are ways to mitigate it!


How can we mitigate the fog surrounding us right now and push through it effectively?


Step 1: Observe 


First it is important to understand that fog visits everyone’s lighthouse at some point or another, and no one is truly able to avoid it.

So, take a small break from all your activities and find a quiet place where you can reflect on your thoughts.  Going for a walk out in nature can be extremely effective but finding a quiet room in your house will suffice. 

It is important to disconnect from social interaction for a minute, you want to be like the wolves in the picture above.  The idea is to stand in a high elevated area of your mind and take time to observe the fog surrounding it.  And no this is not me telling you to use drugs and “get high.” No action is needed during this step, all you must do is observe. 

The more time you take to observe, the more you begin to realize that a lot of the fog is being created by you.  


Step 2:   Study the Fog


Now that you took the time to observe the fog around you, it is time to start writing down your observations. Here are three questions that can help you begin to study the fog.

  • How long has this fog been present in your life?
  • How much is this fog affecting your life?
  • What percentage of the fog is under my control and what percentage of it is outside of my control?

As you answer this last question you will notice that there are parts of the fog that are under your control.  This means that you have some power over your situation and by addressing these areas you can begin to improve your visibility. 


Step 3: Start Planning


Now that you have a better understanding of your problem, it is time to come up with a plan of action. The plan consists of tackling the things that are under your control.

It is important to understand that hard work is required to remove some of this fog, there isn’t a magic wand that makes it go away forever.  Action must be taken to yield positive results.  Three of the most important factors that can help you eliminate some of the leftover fog are diet, exercise, and sleep.


What are you feeding your body?

Think of your body as a vehicle, Are you adding the right fuel to it?  If you are not adding the right fuel, how do you expect your vehicle to function properly?

Nutrition has a high impact on brain and body performance.  Some of the problems we face require high critical thinking ability.  To improve critical thinking, you must optimize your energy levels, to optimize your energy levels you must optimize your nutrition.

Improving nutrition will certainly remove some of the fog, are you willing to put in the work?


How often do you exercise?

Imagine a vehicle that never leaves the garage, would you find this vehicle reliable compared to a vehicle that is being used on a daily basis?

Vehicles as well as our bodies are design for movement. A car’s battery is recharged every time that car is driven. If a car does not move for a long period of time, its battery dies, and it must be replaced. The same logic applies to our bodies, if we are not exercising consistently our battery level dies and we have less energy to function properly.

Will you get up and do some exercise or remain in your foggy state?


How many hours of sleep do you get?

You can not expect your body and brain to perform at a high level when you're not giving it the necessary rest.  Your body needs time to repair and be ready for the following day.  By not sleeping enough hours you are adding extra fog to your life.  

Find ways you can improve your sleep, begin to track how many hours you are sleeping and how you feel each day.  Fixing this issue will help clear part of the fog around you. Are you willing to improve on this area?



 What are you feeding your mind?

Pay attention to what your mind is consuming on a daily basis.  Our minds require a strict diet. Is your mind getting the right nutrition?  Check what types of foods your mind is consuming, these are; tv shows, music, conversations, etc. These things might be adding more fog to your life.  If some of these are affecting you in a negative way then it is better to cut them off.  

If you only spend time around negative people then your mind will consume negativity. If you only feed your mind depressive lyrics then your mind will consume depression.  If your mind consumes inappropriate content how do you expect to have healthy thoughts?

By improving your mind's diet you can mitigate a big part of the fog you have created.  It is not easy, but you choose what to sacrifice. 





Fog is present in everyone's life but some of it can be mitigated.  Hard work is required to remove some of the fog in our lives.  It is not easy to eat clean, exercise or remove bad habits from our lives but we choose what we are willing to sacrifice.  

Will you work on removing the fog around you or will you stay in it forever?






  • Nick Saga

    This EP is so beautiful. The world’s a foggy place but a little work goes a long way in clearing it

  • AR Turo

    This should be everyone’s 2021 resolution list. I wrote a melody focused on emotional burdens but stopped at the metaphor. If we all followed your advice, the world would be a much better place.

  • Elsa

    Gracias por ayudarnos a elevar nuestro estado de conciencia.

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