Do you feel like giving up on music?

Do you feel like giving up on music?

The music journey is far from simple, you will be tempted to give up multiple times. Competition is high and it is difficult to find people that will support you.  The necessary strength to keep going can only come from a genuine passion for music.  Are you ready to face these challenges?   


Q & A with SnkeJke


Q.) How important has work ethic been for you so far?

A.) Work ethic has always been huge for me. I've also been the type of person that if I needed to work for something, I'd always do my very best and everything in my power to get it done. I’ve never let things that are out of my control get me down or affect my work ethic.


Q.) How do you deal with people that put you down or don’t believe in you?

A.) Like I mentioned before I've never let things like that get the best of me. People will hate or put you down no matter what business you are in, it's just a part of the process. I've always believed in myself and I've always kept that rock solid.


Q.) What is one effective method you have used to get up from failures?

A.) Honestly, I've experienced a lot of failure and felt like giving up many times. One of things I always think about is if I quit now how will I know if I ever make it? Giving up is just giving into what haters have said, and that's not something I will ever do.  Another good thing to do is to think of where you are going to be a year from now. You don't really see growth until you look back at it.


Q.) Have you ever felt like giving up on music? How did you pull through?

A.) Earlier this year I went through one of the roughest mental battles of my life. I was going to give up as it just felt like all the work I consistently put in was getting me nowhere. It took a lot of time but I just believed in myself and kept learning and keeping my mind busy. Working out, proper sleep and diet played a huge role in this. You can not expect your body to constantly work if you are giving it nothing to run off of.


Q.) What would you tell someone who wants to give up on music right now?

A.) When you look back at your life 10 years from now will you be happy with your decision? Unless you have a passion for something else I can guarantee you won't be happy with that decision. Rethink of the reason why you started making music and the feeling you got when you made your first beat. Chase that feeling and have tunnel vision on your goals. Giving up will never give you satisfaction, take a break and then re focus.


Q.) How would you define the terms “music grind?”

A.) The music grind is truly person by person. I see people who grind loops for placements. I see people who are more focused on working with artists. I see people who work on marketing themselves. It's based solely on what you think is going to bring you the most success. Someone who made it doing X does not mean you will make it following that blue print. Find your path and stick to it.


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